Hasselblad Lunar Compact System Camera


When it comes to cameras, there is a name that typically stands out heads and shoulders above the competition and that, sir, is the painfully cool, phenomenally advanced and high functioning name of Hasselblad. We’ve just stumbled across a truly astounding, beast of a camera, here at Coolector HQ that we can’t help think will take photos of such exceptional quality that, even you’re entirely lacking in photos skills like us, the end result will still be frightfully good.

The camera in question is the stunning and visually sleek Hasselblad Lunar Compact System Camera which you can bear witness to above and which boasts the sort specifications that you would perhaps expect from a camera that costs the same as a small car. This beautifully crafted and suave camera is a re-imagining of the classic 500c of the 1950’s and it has been given a bit of a contemporary slant and, safe to say, we here at The Coolector are positively bowled over by it.


A Hasselblad is the sort of camera that no one truly needs but one the want because it is so devilishly attractive and just plain cool that it pains people, us included, not to have one in our possession. This particular Hassleblad is more impressive than most and blows the competition out of the water. Just some of the features that it boasts include a 24MP resolution, 3 inch LCD viewing panel, full HD video capture and a CMOS sensor for impeccably detailed image capture.

If you’re in the market for a new camera and have a small fortune burning a hole in your pocket then you should be earmarking said fortune for the superb Hasselblad Lunar Compact System Camera which is, without doubt, one of the most visually attractive and high-performing that we’ve come across in quite some time at Coolector HQ. Definitely gets our seal of approval.

Price: £5,300

Available: John Lewis Online Store

Images Via: John Lewis.

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