Timex T80 X Pac-Man Digital Watch

If, like us, you’re a child of the 80s and 90s and were lucky enough to experience the golden age of videogames, you will likely have cut your gaming teeth on the likes of Pac-Man. If you’ve got a nostalgia bug in 2021 and want to relive these epic years in style, this ace looking Timex T80 X Pac-Man Digital Watch is going to tick plenty of the right boxes in our opinion here at The Coolector and, best of all, it can be on your wrist for under $100 from the Worn & Wound WindUp Store.

This T80 X Pac-Man Digital Watch from Timex comes in at a mere $79 and is available in three different case colours – silver, black and gold – so you can pick the one that best matches your unique style aesthetic. This watch has been released to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the iconic arcade game, as well as Timex’ earliest digital watches. 

80s Vibes

Super cool, classic, fun, sporty and nostalgic, the T80 PAC-MAN digital watch represents something that was once cutting-edge and is now very common. Remade to stay as true to the original, but with a slight aesthetic tune-up for a touch more style, the T80 x PAC-MAN is an wallet-friendly trip down memory lane. For this special edition timepiece, PAC-MAN graphics were added to the dial of the watch, and the alarm was changed to PAC-MAN’s distinctive jingle.

The Timex T80 X Pac-Man Digital Watch ($79) has a 30m water resistance so will not let you down in the deep blue sea and it is effortlessly cool from an aesthetic perspective. The case and bracelet for the T80 x PAC-MAN have a decidedly early 80s design, with a 34mm wide squared-off shape and a dramatic taper that catches the eye. Two buttons on either side control the stopwatch, alarm, full-calendar date, as well as the very handy Indiglo Night-Light.

The screen has a classic LCD charm to it that will definitely evoke memories of your school calculator. With an iridescent tint, the large, blocky numerals are simple to read all day, and with a push of a button, at night too. The T-80 PAC-MAN is available in black with an easily adjustable steel bracelet for a more upscale look. On the clasp, the Timex logo has been replaced with one last nod to PAC-MAN.

Watches With Tradition

Founded in 1854 as the Waterbury Clock Company, Timex has a significant role to play in the world of watches. Considered a pioneer of innovation and technology, they have released everything from trench watches for soldiers in WWI to the best selling automatic of the ‘60s to the number one digital sports watch of the ‘80s.

Their famous slogan “takes a licking and keeps on ticking” is also not just a motto for the brand, but their whole ethos to boot. Timex watches are always made with everyday people and everyday tasks at the forefront of their thinking, whether it’s going to work, taking the dog out for a walk, or taking your bike out for a long ride. Fun, functional, robust and affordable, Timex is a brand that will get you into watches, and always have a place in your collection. Especially one as epic as this T80 X Pac-Man Digital Watch.

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