Hawaiian Lifeguard Watches

There is something about Hawaii and the lifestyle of the people that definitely appeals to our sensibilities here at The Coolector and that essence is something that is really captured in these superb looking Hawaiian Lifeguard Watches. Boasting the spirit of aloha, which encompasses the charm, warmth, and sincerity of the Hawaiian people, these watches are robust and adventure ready as they come but also possess a pleasing laid back vibe that will look great on any wrist this summer.

With a price tag of just $250 and plenty of different colourways to choose from, you’re sure to find a timepiece for you amongst the line up of Hawaiian Lifeguard Watches upon the digital shelves of Time Concepts. And, better still, you can get 25% off your order through THIS link. Great value and effortlessly cool, a 25% discount is something that is too good to be ignored in our opinion and we’re sure there will be plenty looking to take advantage of this bargain.

Hawaiian Vibes

The aloha spirit of Hawaii is alive and kicking in the work done by the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association in their daily efforts to guarantee the safety of those in the ocean and it is this ethos and mindset which serves of the design inspiration for these eye-catching and accomplished watches. For lifeguards, time is a vital component. Saving lives is the primary objective of the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association and when a life hangs in the balance, minutes and seconds count when responding to emergency (and very often dangerous) situations, a timepiece of this reliability and performance is a must.

The Hawaiian Lifeguard Watches ($250) are regularly worn by the elite lifeguards of the HLA who are a courageous group of people that risk​​ their lives on a regular basis when they jump into action to rescue someone in danger in the unforgiving waters of the various Hawaiian Islands. As you would expect from a watch designed for time in the waves, the Hawaiian Lifeguard Watches have a water resistance of 200m which will be more than enough for any rescue missions these brave lifeguards find themselves on.

There are plenty of great features to be discovered with these Hawaiian Lifeguard Watches which is all the more remarkable given the fact you can get one on your wrist for under $200 (by using the link offered in this article for The Coolector readers to get 25% off).  This is an outstanding value for watches that are manufactured in a dust-free temperature and humidity controlled clean-room environment to ensure top quality and worry-free performance.  Some of the most eye-catching features of 42mm 316L Brushed Stainless Steel Case, Unidirectional 120-click Rotating Timing Bezel, Screw Down Locking Crown and a Japan Quartz 3 Hand + Date Movement.

Tackling Extreme Conditions

The oceans around Hawaii are some of the most uncompromising on the planet so the lifeguards need a watch that can keep pace. With waves sometimes in excess of 50 feet, Hawaii is well known as one of a few places on the planet that hosts Big Wave surf events on some of the most famous beaches in the world. These enormous and imposing waves (and dangerous riptides) require a team of lifeguards specially trained for such extreme conditions and timepieces to make sure they’re always on top of their timings.

Priced at just $250, these watches are great for any man after a bold, no-nonsense timepiece for their wrist this summer. The fact they are imbued with a Hawaiian spirit adds to their appeal still further in our opinion here at The Coolector. Click the links in the article to get your extra 25% off the retail price and get a high quality watch on your wrist in the process.

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