Helios Bar

Cycling is an inherently dangerous pursuit in city locales and most of the safety issues arise through a lack of good quality lighting on bicycles and for those who regularly cycle on busy roads, they will be only too aware that they are taking their lives into their own hands on many occasions. With this in mind, we here at Coolector HQ remain steadfastly on the lookout for top notch cycling safety gear and we’ve found a great looking device that goes by the name of the Helios Bar.

This eye-catching little number is definitely an impressive looking gadget and the makers of said gadget say it has the capability to turn any bike into a SmartBike. What they mean by this bold claim is the fact that the Helios Bar can be attached to your bike and it will instantly ramp up its technological impressiveness in a number of different ways.

The Helios Bar provides powerful CREE LEDs which give you with a wide spread of illumination comparable to a car headlight, bluetooth connectivity which allows you to create ambient lighting, rear LEDs and a GPS tracker which gives you a navigational boost for those longer bike rides.





Helios are a bunch of bike enthusiasts who have a technological background and who have dedicated themselves to creating gadgetry that makes the process of bike riding more enjoyable and a whole heap safer and the end result is their brilliant looking Helios bar. Kudos chaps.

Price: $279+

Available: Helios

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