HELM Zind Boots

Finding a high quality pair of boots is on the to-do list of a lot of men and when you find a brand that focuses on quality over quantity, you’re already taking a step in the right direction. HELM Boots are one such footwear brand and the proof is in the pudding as it were with the great looking Zind Boots. They blend elements from two customer favourites from HELM – namely, the Zind and the Muller Teak and they take the best of both worlds.

HELM Boots don’t just sell footwear – they give men confidence to adventure and take steps they otherwise wouldn’t have taken. All of their boots, the Zind Boots included, are designed in Austin, Texas, and boast the sort of unparalleled quality that will make them your go-to pair of boots day in, day out. The footwear from HELM is straightforward and built to last and they’ve spent every day perfecting the modern men’s boot since they began back in 2009.

Zind Over Matter

The quality of the Zind Boots from HELM is plain to see right from the get go and if you’re after a stylistically versatile and top performing pair of boots this summer, look no further. This excellent piece of footwear from HELM is ideal for pairing with jeans on the weekend or with a suit at the office during the week and it will finish off either look expertly. Boasting elegantly clean and rich Balthazar leather, these boots step away from the work-boot style and into a whole new elevated class of its own that is impossible to ignore.

Priced at $399 and available in a number of different colours including Teak, Brown and Black, you’ll be able to find the perfect pair for your own personal style sensibilities. The quality of the craftsmanship is unparalleled and you’ll be blown away from their comfort from the very first wear. The Fineline sole delivers a quality grip and traction with a dressy profile, while the 415 last provides these boots with a narrow and sophisticated form, making it a style versatile enough to accompany all of your wardrobe choices all year round.

With a Blake Rapid Stitch welt construction, these boots are made to last and you’ll find that they’ll keep pace with any adventure you take them on be it a woodland walk or into a boardroom meeting. Stylistically versatile and wonderfully functional, these boots make a style impact like no other and you’ll not find many better than these Zind Boots from HELM for under $500 anywhere else on the market.

Vintage Finish

These Zind Boots have antique brass eyelets for an added aesthetic impact and have reinforced leather pull tab that adds further stability and comfort to proceedings. Each pair is handcrafted in Brazil and to exacting standards to make sure that they deliver the sort of comfort and performance we’ve come to expect from HELM at a boot maker.

Priced at $399 which, for a pair of this calibre, is a small price to pay, these Zind Boots really are right up our street here at Coolector HQ. For any man wanting to put their best foot forward this summer, investing in a pair of these boots is the perfect place to start. Stylish, robust and wonderfully well made, they are a real triple threat and help establish HELM as one of the very best boot makers on the market.

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