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There are few markets in which men typically fall for the gimmicks more than that of shaving and grooming and if you’ve been hoodwinked into believing that picking those 11 vibrating heated laser coated blades that each year seem to get better, is the only way to shave, it’s time for a reality check. Enter Henson Shaving and their awesome line up of good, old conventional razors. Delivering a shave as it should be.

When it comes to shaving, it turns out, you only need one blade but you need the holder and blade to be very precise. And over the long run it is remarkably cheaper while having a significantly better daily experience. This is something that the team at Henson Shaving are only too aware of and they are making it their mission to make modern men aware of this fact once again and steering them clear of gimmicky shaving fads.

Grooming Perfection

Keeping on top of your grooming gear can be a bit of a problem for modern men so having a company that takes care of it for you is a bit of a godsend in our opinion here at Coolector HQ. Henson Shaving are that brand and with amazing options like their Combo Packs which give you not just two razors to be working with but also 100 free blades and, best of all, this will set you back a thoroughly reasonable $99.99 right now (down from the regular price of $115.99) which is so much cheaper than the mainstream grooming brands and definitely gets two thumbs up from us.

One of the stand out products from Henson Shaving (at least in our opinion here at The Coolector) is their brilliant Titanium Collection of razors which is available for the bargain, pre-ordering price of just $199.99 (down from the full-price of $249.99). This brand new release from Henson is available in a few different colourways and it is an all-Titanium razor that puts luxury within your grasp. The skill and experience required to machine an exotic metal like Titanium to the tolerances Henson requires makes a razor like this a very rare commodity indeed. And an essential addition to your dopp kit as a result.

The razors from Henson are all about precision and are crafted to the same Aerospace standards required to create satellite components – so you know they’re are built to last. Henson dared to push the limits and see what an Aerospace manufacturing facility could do for a razor. They have joined forces with an Aerospace manufacturing facility which means they are able to deliver consistent blade gap and blade exposure through machining to incredibly tight tolerances. This is important to the quality of the shave because less blade exposure means less chatter. Less chatter means less strokes, less irritation, and smoother shave every time.

Form & Functionality

Cleverly designed, the razors from Henson Shaving boast a flattened head and 30 degree shave angle which helps shave hard to reach places like under the nose or ears. The end result also allows the Henson Razor to stand on its own, keeping the handle out of the soap and water when shaving in the shower.

Minimalism is extremely evident with these razors from Henson and it’s all about cutting away and getting rid of any excess waste in design. Henson’s channel design allows many passes before rinsing and permits long strokes if required – it’s a shaving implement that works for you. Say goodbye to your clogged up multi- blade razor and hello to a precise, clean shave. With the ability to get two years of shaving for just $59.99, it’s not hard to see why Henson are taking the world of men’s grooming by storm.

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