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Though we’re not sure whether or not the above T-shirt pertains to something we couldn’t be more excited about – namely, Better Call Saul – it was more than enough to draw our attention to a fantastic London based apparel brand that goes by the name of Hentsch Man that boasts a mightily impressive selection of wares that will appeal to any stylish chap.

Hentsch Man are the brainchild of Alexia Hentsch and Max Von Hurter and their original intention was to craft the perfect white shirt but, since their inception in 2008, they’ve come a long way indeed and now offer a vast array of awesome clothing for men that takes in T-shirts, knitwear, swimwear and, of course, a spiffing selection of shirts. By adhering to the principles of good tailoring and crafting casual, yet stylish garments, Hentsch Man have clothing to suit all taste persuasions but, as you might expect, it is their printed tees that first captured our interest at Coolector HQ.

With their garments being crafted in Europe for the most part, the quality is unparalleled and by sourcing materials from Europe and ensuring that the manufacture of goods takes place on our continent, this top notch London brand are playing their part in helping to continue a rich tradition of manufacture in Europe. We’re a big fan of all their collections here at Coolector HQ and you can see a few of our favourite pieces below:

england hero tee shortsAnother brand that resides on our very own London doorstep, Hentsch Man dare to do things a little differently and their wares are far from the mundane fare that is often found out there. If you like your apparel superbly crafted with a side serving of humour, you’ll find all that with the great collection of clothing to be uncovered on the digital shelves of the Hentsch Man online store and we’ve definitely been left wanting more here at Coolector HQ.

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