For those more accustomed to seeing Steve Carrell as Michael Scott and Channing Tatum as Jenko from 21 Jump Street, this excellent looking movie that goes by the name of Foxcatcher will definitely be a most unexpected departure from the norm. Foxcatcher has been on the movie festival circuit for a few months now and the buzz it has been generating of the back of both Carrell’s and Tatum’s performances have certainly set it apart as a must see movie in our eyes here at Coolector HQ.

It is based upon the true story of an eccentric millionaire, John Du Pont (Carrell) and two Olympic wrestling brothers, Mark and Dave Schultz, and the tragic relationship that the three share. Carrell’s performance in particular looks mesmerising and it’s great to see Tatum in a more dramatic role to which he is typically accustomed and showcasing his talent for non-comedic acting.

Foxcatcher is due for release in November and don’t be surprised to see it being a main contender when the award ceremonies role around because it has been picking them up aplenty during the festival circuit.

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