Here One Earphones

When it comes to ways in which to listen to our music, it is clear that the world’s leading technology companies are aiming to outdo one another and deliver the ultimate in listening devices but they might just have been usurped by a newcomer if the hype around these superb looking Here One Earphones is to be believe.

The Here One Earphones are described as being the first all-in-one, truly wireless listening solution. Boasting two smart buds and a connected app which lets you stream music, reduce unwanted noise, take phone calls,  amplify speech, access Siri and Google Now to name but a few. A truly “smart” pair of earphones which might just revolutionise the way in which we interact with our music and smart devices.

Introducing the benefit of so-called layered listening, these Here One Earphones allow you to take control of the volume of streamed audio and ambient sound at the same time for a vastly superior listening experience. Check out a few more shots below:







The Here One Earphones are an intuitive piece of technology and personalise their performance based upon your listening habits and will provide suggestions on settings based upon the environment in which you’re using them in. We’re all for innovative bits of tech here at Coolector HQ and the Here One Earphones might just be a game-changer.

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