Heritage Flag Company

Though we don’t herald from the USA here at Coolector HQ, it’s a country that we’ve certainly got a lot of time for and this is largely due to all the ace wares that herald from the States with the latest to have caught our eye being these wonderfully patriotic offerings from the Heritage Flag Company.

The Heritage Flag Company make flags but not as you know it and each of their offerings are hand made in North Carolina and offer a visual impact quite unlike anything else out there. Crafted from whisky and wine barrels for the most part, these spectacular offerings will definitely add a new focal point to any home or office in which they are deployed.

Taking great pains to ensure the character of the wood is maintained, the Heritage Flag Company’s creations are mightily impressive to say the least and you can check out some more shots of their spiffing wares below:








We’re massively impressed with the attention to detail and craftsmanship that has gone into these striking pieces of design from Heritage Flag Company and if you’re a big fan of the good ol’ US of A and have been looking for the perfect focal point to represent this fact then you, sir, need look no further.

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