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Herschel are a brand that we’re big fans of here at The Coolector and their spiffing array of wares just got even better with the introduction of this excellent Herschel Supply Co Packable series of backpacks. The Herschel brand have the sort of backstory that sets them apart and elevates them above the norm and at The Coolector, we always endeavour to keep our beady eyes on the best purveyors of men’s accessories out there and, we’re sure you’ll agree, Herschel definitely fall into this category.

Originally founded as recently as 2009, by two brothers who go by the name of Jamie and Lyndon Cormack, the brand is named after the small town in Canada in which three generations of their family originated and, despite having a mere population of just 30 residents, the tiny hamlet in the Yukon terrority can proudly claim to be the birthplace of one of today’s best loved men’s fashion and lifestyle goods suppliers.

The Herschel Brand Co Packable collection of backpacks and bags is the latest impressive string to their bow and, as you can see from the gallery above, are a mightily impressive carry that, in an Optimus Prime kind of way, is capable of transforming into a smaller version of itself when not in use by fitting into its own internal pocket. A finer example of contortionism we have yet to see here at The Coolector. The Herschel Packable bag pictured in the gallery above has some rather impressive features which include a custom, tear-resistant rip stop, internal self storage pocket and durable nylon materials used in its creation.

Price: $30.

Available at Herschel Supply Co.

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