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So, it turns out that us humans are a social bunch. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest – you name it, we’re connected to it but not as fluidly and seamlessly as might be the case. Needless to say all these social networks are a pretty visual medium and uploading images to them isn’t as streamlined as some would like. And, for those people, there is TheQ Camera – a cracking little device billed as the “first social camera”.

The inventors of this rather dapper little device, who herald from Stockholm, Sweden, start off by saying that TheQ Camera will alter the way in which you take photos and will ensure that don’t miss those picture-perfect moments again. Said to boast the capacity to “take the photo your mind sees before you even push the shutter”. That will certainly come in handy for The Coolector, given our notoriously poor photo taking abilities.

There is definitely a visual appeal to TheQ Camera that we are big fans of here at The Coolector and we love the minimalist, simplistic style of the piece and the fact it backs it up with an excellent level of performance. It offers some really brilliant features that set it apart from the crowd and it is the ideal choice for the casual snapper.

TheQ Camera automatically uploads every picture you take to a cloud hosting service called TheQ Lab via in-built 3G and the user can apply filters (which let’s face it, is more or less essential nowadays) before uploading it to their social media channels. It is a highly durable device but remains lightweight and weighs in a mere 120g. Waterproof to a depth of 1m (providing you don’t spend more than half an hour underwater), with a 2GB memory and 2.7 inch display, TheQ Camera has all the hallmarks of a must-have accessory here at The Coolector HQ. Check out its awesomeness below:


Price: $199 – Available for pre-order at

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