HEX 2018 Camera Bag Collection

Photography and adventure go hand in hand and finding a series of carries that is tailored towards both isn’t something that is typically that straightforward so when you come across one, you’ll probably be delighted as we were at Coolector HQ when we discovered the HEX 2018 Camera Bag Collection. Carefully considered and impeccably crafted, this series of bags from HEX will be the ideal solution for any photography enthusiast on the go.

The HEX 2018 Camera Bag Collection is functionality, versatility and stealthy style all rolled into one and it has been purpose built for those who love heading out in search of adventure and great photography side by side. HEX are an award-winning fashion accessory brand, and they announced that its new capsule of DSLR/Camera Bags are now available on their digital shelves for those with a love of photography to eagerly snap up.

Made for Adventure

This new series of camera bags for 2018 from HEX goes by the name of the Ranger Collection and consists of an innovative Clamshell Backpack for all your bigger equipment alongside a Sling for the smaller bits. Both of these bags come in all black Cordura® as well as a fresh new camo colour way so you can choose the one that best fits your style. Each bag was developed over an extensive period of real-world testing and with considerable input from several top photographers. It was this input that makes these bags unique and very intuitive, since photographers were so involved in the development process and can include the features they need on a daily basis.

The cornerstone piece of the HEX 2018 Camera Bag Collection is the Clamshell Backpack which is not only a new design, but an entirely new concept. The patent-pending design lets the photographer have complete control in setting up the bag to be top, left, or right-side loading.  In addition, the internal compartment structure is totally customisable with EVA foam partitions. Some other stand features of the design include fully padded and faux-fur lined device pockets for phone and laptop, a hideaway rain-fly, pass-thru luggage partition to allow the bag to be used in conjunction with roller luggage.

There is a new shoulder strap design for added comfort, an abundance of accessory pockets, water bottle holder, security clip, molle systems, compressions straps, and tripod straps to name but a few of the functionality inspired features of the Clamshell Backpack. This first class backpack retails for $199.95 so you’re getting an awful lot of bang for your buck with this one and it really does make the life of a photographer much easier.

Sling Your Hook

With the Sling adding an extra dimension of functionality to your carry capabilities, this 2018 Camera Bag Collection from HEX is going to be a godsend to the photography fraternity. The Sling retails at $99.95 and was designed to go hand-in-hand with the Backpack and function as a day bag for shorter, more focused excursions.  The bag has a fold-out bottom pad that allows the Sling to be packed flat and transported in a carry on, then folded out to provide full EVA foam protection when it’s time for use.

There are several removable foam dividers within the Sling that lend to this ability to both be a structured, protective camera bag, but also be packable as needed.  The Sling boasts a roomy main compartment, separate faux-fur lined pockets for both phone and tablet, compression straps, mini tripod straps, and 2 discrete stash pockets so it will be your ultimate EDC ally when heading out on photography assignments.

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