Love Hulten Pyua

For many video gaming aficionados, the NES is where their love of games all began and the same could be said of us here at Coolector HQ. It’s for that reason that we were delighted to see retro enthusiast industrial designer, Love Hulten, turn his hand to the console with the brilliant looking Pyua, which is billed as a is a conceptual tribute and a delicate homage to Nintendo and their role as the catalyst for the video game industry as a whole.

The Love Hulten Pyua is immediately recognisable but pleasingly different to the original NES, which was first released back in 1985, and this fantastic piece of design is certainly going to be atop most retro video game fans must-have list. The original NES helped to breathe new life into the video game industry after the video game crash of 1983. It rapidly became the most successful gaming console of its time in both Asia and North America, and Nintendo set a new standard for subsequent development in the game industry – the Pyua is a tribute to that fact.

Old Aesthetics, Contemporary Tech

As is the case with all the cracking designs of Love Hulten, they are crafted to look incredibly retro but typically incorporate contemporary technology to give them that edge and the Pyua console is no different. This impeccable piece of design from Love Hulten uses the Nt mini pcb as the beating heart of the machine and this is manufactured by praised Seattle based company Analogue. The beauty of the Nt mini lies in the fact it handles both NES and Famicom cartridges, and it does so without any degradation or input lag.

Boasting flawless performance, the Pyua Console from Love Hulten has first class frame rate and speed alongside superb colour replication and audio performance to boot. In addition, it upscales to 1080p for your HDMI monitor to really give your favourite vintage games a more contemporary look and feel. The Nt mini uses FPGA to reproduce and truly enhance the 8-bit experience and give you the ultimate in retro gaming adventures.

Each Pyua console from Love Hulten comes with two NES controllers. Each of these are both original AND wireless, a solution which has been created by 8bitdo. The controllers, along with your top 20 favourite game cartridges, are then stored in the additional wood casing to give this console a visual impact quite unlike anything else on the market and thereby propelling it to the top of our own must-have list here at Coolector HQ.

Eye-Catching Detail

From an aesthetic point of view, the Pyua is tough to beat and the exterior is handcrafted from ash wood, and goes back to the origin with a Famicom styled finish which is brought to life by off-white and red colourways. There is a sense of pageantry to proceedings as you insert your favourite cartridge and enfold using the glass dome, turn the power on, and the sacred spotlight is illuminated.

Another home run from Love Hulten, the Pyua console is sure to resonate with those who love of all things Mario et al was formed during the golden age of gaming. This phenomenally cool piece of design has resonated with our sensibilities here at Coolector HQ and it’s hard to argue with its description of “a digital shrine” because it really does a remarkable job of remembering where it all began for gaming.

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