Hexagon Smart Bike System

Cycling has featured heavily on the pages of The Coolector over the last few days and we’ve got another belter in the form of this Hexagon Smart Bike System which is funding over on Indiegogo right now and is best described as the ultimate safety device for cyclists courtesy of the myriad technology incorporated into its small but perfectly formed frame.

The Hexagon Smart Bike System is a combination of full HD camera, power bank and crash sensor to name but a few and will deliver a whole new level of technological safety whenever you climb aboard your bicycle. A gadget that any serious cyclists should consider for ramping up their safety out on the roads, it’s easy to see why Hexagon is proving popular on the crowd funding platform.

Safer Cycling

It can be dangerous for cyclists out there on the roads but technology like the Hexagon Smart Bike System aim to make it that bit safer through the deployment of top of the range technology. Boasting a revolutionary Full HD (1080p/720p) rear-view camera, smart sensors, and a complementary app, you’ll have a much more comprehensive overview of your ride with one of these devices attached.

Seamlessly connecting to your smartphone, the Hexagon will change the way you ride and make it smarter and safer for all cyclists out there. There are all sorts of cool features to be found with the Hexagon Smart Bike System including the ability to view the traffic behind you, live stream your ride and even signal to cars when you’re turning and all this is controlled through smartphone integration for first class performance.

This cracking device is endorsed by world renowned cyclist, Vittorio Brumotti, who was impressed with its technological capabilities and capacity for improving the safety of riders out on the road. This all-in-one device offers so much functionality and versatility to cyclists and it’s difficult to argue with its claim of being the ultimate safety equipment for your bike.

Tech Obsessed

We love technology here at Coolector HQ so gadgets like the Hexagon Smart Bike System always appeal to our sensibilities but there is a real tangible sense of quality with the components of this superb little cycling accessory and if you’re wanting to make your ride that bit safer on a day to day basis, having one of these attached to the rear of your bike is a pretty good place to start.

With plenty of time still to support the Hexagon Smart Bike System over on Kickstarter, you’ll be able to grab one of these cracking devices for a bargain price and make sure you can ride in both style and safety over the coming months. A great addition to the gear line up of any regular cyclist in 2017 and beyond.

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