Smiros & Smiros Miami Penthouse Apartment

Miami is one of the few cities in America we’ve not yet had a chance to visit yet here at Coolector HQ but it’s definitely on the list and, if we do make it there, we dare say there will be few places quite as luxurious and, frankly jaw-dropping, to see it from than this magnificent beachfront Penthouse Apartment from New York based architects, Smiros & Smiros.

The Smiros & Smiros Miami Penthouse Apartment is one of the most grandiose and eye-catching pieces of architecture we’ve seen in a while here at The Coolector and the owner of this stunning piece of real estate has definitely got one of the most incredible places in which to enjoy the many sights and sounds that Miami has to offer.

Luxury & Style

Situated on the shores of Miami’s famous South Beach, the Smiros & Smiros Miami Penthouse Apartment takes up the entire top floor of the building and boasts some of the coolest looking roof terraces imaginable with its own first rate swimming pool if you don’t want to head down to the beach and enjoy the spectacular ocean – the 360° views that you’ll get from the terrace will be a pretty good substitute for being down on the beach to be fair.

With highly contemporary, understated interior design features, the Smiros & Smiros Miami Penthouse Apartment really does look to be one of the most luxurious and comfortable homes imaginable with clean lines and open living spaces that really make the most of the property’s elevated position and extraordinary views of both the ocean and the city of Miami itself. The floor to ceiling windows bathe the interior in light and really capitalise on the breathtaking views you get from more or less every room in this miraculously designed property.

Natural, neutral colours are the call of the day with the interiors of this exceptional penthouse apartment on South Beach in Miami and this is important because anything vibrant or overbearing internally would ultimately detract from the property’s defining feature – the impeccable views afforded to it of the beach, ocean and city of Miami. We’ve been blown away by the luxurious nature of this design here at Coolector HQ and Smiros & Smiros have done a fantastic job of making sure their design delivers comfort, style and makes the most of the views.

Welcome to Miami

With a reputation as a bit of a party town, Miami probably has few better properties geared towards this than this exemplary penthouse apartment from Smiros & Smiros. The attention to detail with the interior design is second to none and the outdoor terrace space is perfectly suited to enjoying the climate of the Florida city with decking and a pool to enjoy whilst relaxing and unwinding with a craft beer or two.

Stunning design, unparalleled luxury and styling interiors make this a project worthy of considerable recognition and it does a fine job of showcasing the talents of New York based architecture firm, Smiros & Smiros. Whilst we’ll never be able to afford a property of this considerable luxury, it doesn’t hurt to dream.

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