Hiku Premium Hand Coffee Grinder

Coffee is a beverage like no other in terms of generating action around Coolector HQ. We rely heavily upon it so we’re always on the hunt for awesome accessories that will enhance our enjoyment of our daily coffee fixes. Enter the Hiku Premium Hand Coffee Grinder from Kanso Coffee which is funding on Kickstarter right now and might just be the next must have accessory for any caffeine lovers out there.

The Hiku Premium Hand Coffee Grinder is billed as being design from the grounds up (I get it!) and it is an all-new, no-compromise benchmark in coffee hardware which, as luck would have it, you can nab for a bargain price as it undergoes its crowdfunding stage over on Kickstarter. Aesthetically superior to most other grinders you’ll encounter, we’re loving the look of this product here at The Coolector and we’re in little doubt it delivers in the performance department too.

Precision Engineering, Delicious Coffee

It is plain to see that a lot of care and attention has gone into the crafting of this mesmerising looking device and for lovers of coffee, there can be few better feelings than grinding your own beans on route to making your own beverage. Well, with the Hiku Premium Hand Coffee Grinder, you’ll be doing it in style courtesy of the precision engineering and exemplary materials that have gone into the creation of this mighty attractive coffee essential.

The Hiku Premium Hand Coffee Grinder from Kanso Coffee expertly combines precision with elegance with its eye-catching aesthetics. Incredibly robust, the CNC machined aluminium exterior boasts an understated texture and feels great in the hand, while also delivering a visual impact to any kitchen countertop or workspace. The matching grind cup can be removed with a satisfying twist and holds up to 50g of coffee; which is suitable for 5 cups of your favourite pour over coffee.

Not one to rely on looks alone, the Hiku Premium Hand Coffee Grinder also has a lot of innovative technical features which includes a brand new, industry-first seven fluted conical burr alongside a patent pending shaft stabilization system. These stand out elements of the design work in unison with the aluminium chassis and food-safe stainless steel bearings to produce an incredibly smooth grind which ensures perfect concentricity for unparalleled grind particle size distribution and the unbeatable cup of coffee at the end.

Highly Versatile Coffee Solution

The beauty of this superb device from Kanso Coffee lies in just how functional and versatile it is. The Hiku Premium Hand Coffee Grinder has a finely damped dial which allows you to tweak and tune your grind size with no problems or issues at all. No other grinder adjustment is stepless with an adjustment ring and this is an important design feature as it removes the messy guesswork or trial and error methods that any coffee lover will likely have experience before.

For anyone with a love of coffee and desire to grind their own beans in style for the ultimate pour over coffee, this Hiku Premium Hand Coffee Grinder on Kickstarter is definitely going to tick plenty of the right boxes. Exceptionally well designed and crafted, this first rate coffee accessory is taking the crowdfunding platform by storm and it really isn’t difficult to see why this is the case as there are an awful lot of design loving coffee fans out there.

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