The Hivernant Hatchets

With the brilliant introduction to his wares of “A MODERN FIELD GUIDE FOR THE NORTHERN MAN – EVEN THE BEARDLESS ONES.”  it’s difficult not to fall immediately love in with Hivernant Hatchets. If you’re wondering what a “Hivernant” is (as we here at The Coolector were) we’re happy to inform you that it is French for a “winterer” which, roughly translated, means a title earned by a French fur trading voyager once he graduated to spending a winter out in the wild places. AKA a bit of a badass.

Patently, a badass of any variety will require a hatchet of some sort and we’ve never seen a better example of a woodsman chief tool that that of these outrageously stylish Hivernant Hatchets. They are the work of Minnesota resident and self-proclaimed Hivernant, Zak Fellman, and we here at Coolector HQ have definitely fallen for their hand-crafted charms.

Spending extending periods of time in the wilderness avec his canoe makes Fellman the ideal candidate for making such fine survival wares as these. These superb hatchets have been hand painted and painstaking restored by Zak’s own fair hand and, safe to say, we have no doubts that there would be plenty of circumstances in which they would come in handy when heading Into The Wild.

Price: $120+

Available: Etsy.

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