Hobo Jack Limited Edition Apparel

It’s getting a lot hotter round these here parts of late as summer starts to kick in so ramping up our T-shirt awesomeness is a chief concern at Coolector HQ at present and that’s why we’ve turned to a favourite brand of ours, Hobo Jack, and their great looking new series of limited edition tees.

Hobo Jack are a Hertfordshire based purveyor of men’s apparel and their not newcomers to the pages of The Coolector as we’ve fallen for the charms of their T-shirts in the past so when we realised that they’ve just unleashed a limited edition collection of tees, we obviously found this far too good to ignore.

With a tattoo type illustrative design, these aesthetically pleasing t-shirts are right up our style street at Coolector HQ and with each of the four new designs being limited to 100, you’ll need to move quickly if you’ve been won over by these wares as we have. Check out a few more shots of Hobo Jacks latest series of tees below:







Great illustration and striking designs really make these tees stand out from the crowd and there are few better wares to cover our portly frames here at Coolector HQ than these immeasurably stylish offerings from Hobo Jack. As mentioned, numbers with these tees are extremely limited and when you couple this with the excellent value, they’re not going to hang around long so move fast.

Price: £15

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