The Bed, By Thuma

Let’s face it, the bed is where we spend vast swathes of our lives so it’s always a good idea to put some thought into your choice of bed frame and, if like us here at Coolector HQ, you’ve got a love of understated aesthetics and high end materials, you’re going to be in your element with The Bed by Thuma. This magnificent piece of design will add an air of visual superiority to your bedroom whilst also delivering the sort of comfort that will leave you never wanting to get out.

Thuma are lounge & leisure lovers who have an appreciation for thoughtful craftsmanship, and a few, strongly-held beliefs. They believe that simplicity is the truest form of sophistication and this is something which shines through in The Bed by Thuma ($850). That quality time enjoyed at home is the ultimate luxury and Thuma strives to deliver thoughtful beds for contemporary living. Billed as the ideal platform bed frame, designed for how you live, you’ll never want to change your bed again.

First Class, Minimalistic Design

With the overriding objective to create a bed that elevated every element of the bedroom, The Bed by Thuma is a true sight to behold and will significantly enhance the interior design aesthetic of your home. To find the ideal combination of functionality, minimalism, and luxury design, Thuma spent plenty of time honing the design process of their wonderful bed whilst also being mindful of their environmental impact every step of the way – something which is to be applauded.

Globally inspired and designed in San Francisco, The Bed by Thuma ($850) draws from modern architecture, fashion, and interior design and is available in Full, Queen, King and Cali King sizes. Each one comes with a natural walnut colored frame, PillowBoard and cushion-coated slats that look superb and provide an unparalleled level of support each and every night. Every one is inherently unique, and boasts the natural imperfections of handcrafted, repurposed wood. This means no MDF or veneers. The natural walnut colouring has unique wood grains and knots that add to the overall visual impact of The Bed by Thuma.

A stand out feature of The Bed by Thuma is the PillowBoard which is a supportive foam backing which delivers a comfortable pro-lounge environment. It has an interchangeable and washable linen-weave cover that always keeps things fresh. Another eye-catching part of this minimalistic masterpiece is the Japanese joinery which uses timeless Japanese craftsmen technique to provide a unique bed that’s naturally noise-minimising and simple to put together, while doing away with the need for excess metal hardware.

No Fuss Set Up

If you’ve been left frustrated with how fiddly a bed can be to put together, you’ll soon change your opinion when you unbox The Bed by Thuma which is about as simple as it gets. It ships free to your door in three boxes, which have been designed to fit upstairs and through hallways without any trouble and you can assembles and disassembles it in around five minutes with no team or tools needed.

The Bed by Thuma is extremely supportive and has a strong, sturdy, and quiet foundation which has been rigorously tested and proven to withstand even the most rambunctious of activities. The slats are spaced to ensure optimum mattress support and breathability. The price tag of $850 is a great one for such a cool and well made piece of furniture and if you want to ramp up your bed game in 2019, look no further.

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