Holzano Table

If you’re going to have a big ass table in your house, you might as well make it one of the most awesome tables in existence and that, sir, is exactly what you’ll be getting with this visually stunning Holzano Table which is crafted from the oldest wood in the world.

The jaw-droppingly attractive Holzano Table is the work of a Polish design studio and it is crafted from ancient Kauri wood which heralds from the North Island of New Zealand and, courtesy of carbon dating technology, has been shown to be the oldest wood on the planet. So, if you want to conduct your business from a piece of history then these brilliant looking Holzano Tables are certainly the way to do it.

There surely can’t be a more striking piece of furniture for a home office than a Holzano Table crafted from wood which is over 50,000 years old and if you’re the sort who wants to really make their mark with their interior design endeavours, we here at Coolector HQ can think of few better choices than this. Your Holzano Table can be made to your own unique specifications and you can dictate the size of the slab of Kauri wood used in its construction.

We’ve fallen mighty hard for this spectacular and ancient table here at The Coolector and you can check out a few more shots of this spiffing piece of furniture below which will admirably illustrate just why we love it so much:




We’re big advocates of fine craftsmanship here at The Coolector and Holzano have left us thoroughly impressed with their impeccable ancient Kauri wood tables and were it up to us, we’d make every conceivable workspace here at Coolector HQ a Holzano table but they are likely not cheap but they are undeniably stunning.

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