Home Grown Camper Trailers

Camping is something that is one of the most enjoyable means of enjoying the great outdoors but if you’re the sort that prefers a little more luxury than your bog standard tent, you might just want to turn your attention to these Home Grown Camper Trailers which look to be the ideal solution for some brilliant times in the great outdoors.

Home Grown operate out of the Pacific Northwest and they endeavour to make all of their Camper Trailers as energy efficient and sustainable as possible – not to mention being aesthetically unparalleled. Taking their design inspiration from the classic American Teardrop trailers, these brilliant looking outdoor lifestyle vehicles are right up our street at The Coolector.

Hand built in Woodinville, Washington, these Home Grown Camper Trailers have sufficient sleeping space for four people and use materials like FSC-certified wood, cork, and bamboo in the construction. Take a look at a few more shots of these stunning trailers below:





Road trips are very much on the agenda for The Coolector over the next 12 months so we’re understandably enamoured with the awesome looking Home Grown Camper Trailers and we’re sure that there will be plenty of other nature enthusiasts who have been left impressed with the versatility of this excellent looking construct.

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