Horticus Modular Living Wall

Interior design enthusiasts who have green fingers are going to want to sit up and take notice of the Horticus Modular Living Wall which will add a mighty striking impact to your decorating endeavours and is ideally suited for those looking to add some greenery to their home this autumn. Billed as big gardens for small spaces, this modular design has definitely captured our imagination here at The Coolector and we’re loving the vibrancy that this excellent product will add to any home or office.

The Horticus Modular Living Wall is designed to help you reconnect with nature, by delivering your own vertical habitat that invites life and nourishment inside your home. Discover these awesome living wall kits to re-wild your interior spaces and add more than a touch of greenery to your interior design efforts. Billed as a flexible system that can grow in keeping with your demands. Choose the size and layout of your vertical garden according to your preference and away you go.

Going Green

With the Horticus Modular Living Wall you can select from pods with different functions and this allows you to come up with endless combinations to suit your wall space and environment. These stylish looking planters offer abundant room for roots and can be watered from above through a grid of watering holes to ensure that they are always looking their best day in, day our. 

The frames from Horticus allow for the pods to be lifted in and out effortlessly which you’ll be thankful for when it comes to re-potting, routine maintenance or a simple spring airing. The pods are crafted from terracotta which is natural, porous and earthy not to mention stylish and great for plant roots. The frames are powder coated steel, strong and resistant to rust.

Both the materials used in the creation of these Horticus Modular Living Walls deliver eye-catching contrasts to the plants you choose and will complement all your colour schemes. You can pick from a number of different combinations to find the perfect solution for your own home or office and this provides a pleasing amount of versatility to proceedings.

Perfect For Plant Lovers

With this system, you can grow your own living wall at your own pace and there is no need to get loads of plants right away – just a handful will really bring a Horticus system to life. With this wonderfully attractive piece of design, looking after your plants will become a fun and rewarding experience as it gradually changes the look and feel of your interior design endeavours.

The Horticus Modular Living Wall is right up our street here at Coolector HQ and if you’re wanting to revamp your home this autumn, we can think of few better candidates for the job than this. Stylish, striking and effortlessly simple to install and maintain – what’s not to like?

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