Western Rise AirLoft Jacket

A brand that is always at the forefront of our thinking when it goes to functional, stylish apparel is definitely that of Western Rise and they’ve left us mighty impressed with their latest offering – the AirLoft Jacket – which is funding over on Kickstarter right now. Billed as the most versatile performance jacket for outdoor adventures, travel, and your every day, the Airloft is taking the crowdfunding platform by storm.

The Western Rise AirLoft Jacket on Kickstarter is available for the excellent introductory price of just $194 which is down from the final retail price of $258. This first class piece of outerwear is a first-of-its-kind, high-performance, temperature regulating, breathable insulated jacket. Each one is built for every day adventures, no matter the weather, season, or occasion.

Ideal Everyday Apparel

The AirLoft Jacket from Western Rise on Kickstarter expertly combines peak outdoor performance and sleek urban style into one eye-catching and effortlessly cool piece of outerwear. The AirLoft is truly the only jacket you need for your daily outfit choices and it’s one of the most versatile pieces of apparel you’re likely to encounter. Let’s face it, most insulated jackets aren’t pleasing from a performance perspective. They use technology that was patented over 80 years ago and typically insulate the body by trapping air between quilted or baffled compartments filled with fibres or feathers. The insulation is paired with extremely dense fabrics to keep the fibres and heat in. The problem is these fabrics have almost no breathability, trapping humidity and sweat inside the jacket. Not so with the AirLoft.

With the Western Rise AirLoft Jacket (from $194) is built from the fibre up by chemists and athletes to deliver an impressive, 3-layer system that solves every problem of a conventional insulated jacket with a style you can wear everywhere. The end result of this is a functional piece of outerwear that breathes, regulates temperature, provides warmth without weight, and resists weather, all while looking great.

It’s the temperature regulation abilities that really set the AirLoft apart and the advanced 3DeFX+ insulation combines four types of continuous coil-shaped fibres to provide a unique stretch insulation that will trap maximum air for heat retention and airflow so you are always the ideal temperature whatever the weather or occasion.

Packed Full of Features

The AirLoft Jacket from Western Rise is one of the most feature packed pieces of apparel we’ve seen at Coolector HQ. Some of the stand out elements of the design include its ultra-breathable exterior fabric which allows air to move to keep your body at a comfortable temperature during activity and rest. Another great feature is the fact it is the only jacket of its kind with unrestricted 360º stretch insulation and fabric.

Boasting plenty of storage options with four zippered pockets, this jacket gives you easy access to your necessities and EDC essentials. It has a hidden cinch hood, elastic cuffs, and cinch waist which delivers extra protection from the elements without effecting the jackets aesthetic. After the ultimate in outerwear? Head on over to Kickstarter now and get your AirLoft for a bargain price.

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