House on the Rocks

Residential properties which reside close to water always stand out that bit more in our opinion here at Coolector HQ and that’s certainly true of the stunning House on the Rocks in Finland. Designed by the architects, Pluspuu Oy, this glorious piece of architecture makes the most of its unique location and boasts an abundance of excellent design features which help make sure it suits the owners down to the ground.

The House on the Rocks from Pluspuu Oy has a living space of some 150.0m² and it is situated on a bedrock plot in the Turku archipelago in Finland. This contemporary piece of architecture immediately caught our eye here at The Coolector and if you’re a fan of modern design, it is likely to be right up your street as well.

Fantastic Finnish Architecture

Wonderfully well conceived and built, the House on The Rocks features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a large living/dining room which is more than enough living space for the occupants. It also has a terrace over 100m² in size which boasts mesmerising views out to sea. The house was finished in the summer of 2019 and it was constructed from 202 x 195 mm non-settling logs with striking mitered corner joints. It has a sheet metal roof which has been insulated with eco-friendly wood fibre. The walls are pure, solid log which meant there was no need for additional insulation.

The House on the Rocks from Pluspuu Oy Architects has many interesting features both internally and externally and in addition to the main house design, there is a separate Pluspuu Luoto 25 sauna and a two-room guest house on the shore of the large plot. These extra building have been built from smaller 134 x 195 mm laminated timber. The design of the house was based on Pluspuu’s standard models Isokari and Kustavi and it really does capture our imagination here at The Coolector.

House on the Rocks on the Turku archipelago is heated with geothermal heat distributed via underfloor heating. The carbon footprint of the construction of a log house is decidedly small, and the timber will act as a carbon sink for the house’s entire lifespan which makes this this a truly eco-friendly piece of architecture.

Going Green

In addition to the environmental friendliness of the build, a log house like House on the Rocks also has extremely healthy indoor air. In Finland, more than 20% of all detached homes are log houses and this helps promote a much more healthy way of life day in, day out. 

Considerably contemporary in design, House on the Rocks from Pluspuu Oy Architects looks like a great space for entertaining and if you like your residential properties to have a traditional style aesthetic, this one is sure to be to your liking as well.

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