Hoverpen 2.0


If your workspace is crying out for something to set it apart from the crowd, we might just have found the ideal thing in the shape of Hoverpen 2.0 which is funding over on Kickstarter as we speak. This classy looking piece of tech infused stationery is right up our street here at Coolector HQ and it is inspired by space, sci-fi and all things cosmos and designed to defy gravity for a stunning visual impact on any desk.

The Hoverpen 2.0 is available for the exceptional price of just $69 during their Kickstarter campaign so if you’re looking to add a touch of sci-fi inspired awesomeness to your workspace, now is the time to do it. Billed as the company’s boldest, most radical design to date, the Hoverpen 2.0 will turn heads aplenty amongst those struggling to fathom what is causing its gravity defying aesthetics.

Workspace Centrepiece

Awe-inspiring design will really make the Hoverpen 2.0 the centrepiece of your workspace and is designed to defy gravity at a 23.5 degree angle. It is perfectly balanced courtesy of its painstaking craftsmanship, the way Hoverpen 2.0 defies gravity makes it impossible to ignore. Just as Earth’s gravity loses its authority in space, so too does gravity flounder against Hoverpen 2.0 as it pushes back against the laws of physics.

With its new ridged design the Hoverpen 2.0 on Kickstarter ($69) becomes a mesmerising marvel to watch when spinning, as its circular acceleration and deceleration are now entirely visible. A simple twist will send the pen spinning for up to 20 seconds in flawless, kinetic motion that will serve as a welcome distraction for any workspace out there.

Fun to fidget, hypnotic to watch – Hoverpen 2.0 delivers much needed entertainment during those workdays that drag. Give it a spin, sit back, and ponder on the mysteries of the universe as the Hoverpen 2.0 revolves over and over in majestic style. The Hoverpen 2.0 is designed as the ultimate task-switching tool. Every now and then, take a second out of your day, spin the pen, and boost your creativity like never before.

Innovative Aesthetics

Taking design inspiration from the shape of famous science fiction spacecraft such as the USS Enterprise, Naboo Starships, and Interstellar’s Ranger spacecraft – the design elements of the Hoverpen 2.0 will really appeal to science fiction fans the world over and add a real sense of space exploration to your workspace – something that we’re definitely on board with here at The Coolector.

The sleek, elegant lines of the pen body offer a glimpse of the advanced future we’ve all read about and seen on the silver screen. The casing of Hoverpen 2.0’s body is made from a single piece of aircraft grade aluminium and it is uniquely machined as one long piece of metal – giving it it an aura of high quality craftsmanship rarely seen in other pens. Available for a bargain price – head over to Kickstarter to secure yours now.

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