Survival Slingshot

With the return of The Walking Dead to our screens here in the UK, there can be few better times to report on this rather apocalyptic looking Survival Slingshot that looks more than capable of dispatching zombies aplenty should we ever find ourselves in the same situation as Rick, Carl et al.

This impressive looking piece of weaponry is patently not a toy and shouldn’t be unleashed in children’s (or our) hands but should you have the requisite skills to wield such an implement, you’re unlikely to find many better examples than this on the market. Perfect apocalyptic tool and chock full of impressive features capable of making accomplished hunters of almost anyone – again, not us here at Coolector HQ. We’re happy with stalking their supermarket aisles for our sustenance. Until we turn zombie and brains will suffice.


If you’re not feeling suitably prepared for any impending apocalypse, then you’ll likely want to add a Survival Slingshot to your arsenal of weaponry and whilst we here at Coolector HQ are only too aware that we wouldn’t have a hope in hell’s chance of hitting a target with this behemoth, it’s definitely a mightily eye-catching device.

Price: $140

Available: Survival Slingshot

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