How To Survive Anything

Though we’re not obsessed with survival and constantly fretting about an impending zombie apocalypse here at The Coolector, it never hurts to be prepared for every eventuality and that’s where ace and informative books like How to Survive Anything by Tim MacWelch are required reading in our opinion.

Covering for just about every conceivable eventuality where you could genuinely meet your demise, this excellent tome will give you plenty of hints and tips on things like what to do if you crash your car into water or what you should be doing to survive in the wild so, if you’re planning to head out into the great outdoors for any period of time, it might just save your life in the long run.

It’s not just the mundane survival tasks it fills you in on, How To Survive Anything means just that and will also impart knowledge and advice as to what you should be doing should you encounter an irate bear, if the solar flares become a bit lary or if the zombies decide now is the time for their uprising. Check out a few more shots of this perfect coffee table fodder below:






If you live a life fraught with potential peril and want to make sure that you’re prepared for any grisly demise that might befall you, carry a copy of this on your commute seems like a logical choice. Both humorous and filled with insight, there are probably few books out there as invaluable as this.

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