Howl Apparel Urban Explorers Collection

We first wrote about London based brand, HØWL, a few months back and were mightily impressed with the out and out awesomeness of their apparel so it would be remiss of us not to bring to light their latest collection of tees that goes by the name of the Urban Explorer series and, as we’ve come to expect from these purveyors of spiffing apparel, it does not disappoint.

Being based in London, there is no finer playground for a spot of urban exploring and this superb new collection of tees (three in total) boast an eye-catching aesthetic that expertly traverses outdoors adventure and casual style. We only recently discovered HØWL but now that we have and have become aware just how cracking their array of apparel is, you can rest assured that we’ll be first in line for any future collections that they release. You can see each of the Urban Explorer tees individually below:

stay-inspired_1024x1024 Flag_Tee_For_Store_1024x1024 Mountain-Tee_1024x1024

Each of these tees is right up our stylistic street here at Coolector HQ as we do little to hide our affinity for minimalist, printed T-shirts and these from HØWL are spot on in our humble opinion. The London brand are definitely beginning to make waves in the world of casual, adventure-orientated apparel both in our capital and further afield and if collections like the Urban Explorer are anything to go by, this meteoric rise will show no signs of abating any time soon.

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