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For anyone with a love of vinyl and interior design, it’s often difficult to find the right pieces of furniture to accommodate your collection and also fit in with your room aesthetics as well. That search may well be over, however, courtesy of HRDL and their fantastic Vinyl Collection of furniture which is as visually striking as it is well crafted and will effortlessly fit in with the interior design of any stylish, contemporary home.

HRDL is a Norwegian furniture brand from Oslo, Norway that was founded in Kristiansand in 2015 and has grown into a brand recognised for its unique and functional designs all around the world. Visually, and functionally, HRDL’s products are bright and clean, and typical of Scandinavian minimalism. Each piece is handmade to order, with the highest attention to details and a keen eye on material selection. It is the HRDL Vinyl Collection of furniture that has really caught our eye here at Coolector HQ and if you’ve got records you want to store in style look no further.

Check out the best pieces from the Vinyl Collection below:

HRDL The Vinyl Table – $1795

Effortlessly cool aesthetically and available in a number of different colourways to suit your interior design aesthetic, there are few better or more stylish place for your record collection than The Vinyl Table from HRDL ($1795). Create an installation of your player and your record collection, and display your favourite albums like the art pieces they are.

The Vinyl Table has space for around two hundred records, with space behind the sliding tambour door for an amplifier or a receiver. Every part and piece of The Vinyl Table is handmade to the highest calibre in the HRDL workshop, and then carefully finished, wrapped and packed before it is sent to your door to give your vinyl collection the home that it deserves. ($1795)

HRDL Vinyl Stand – $255

The HRDL Vinyl Stand ($255) allows you to keep your vinyl collection feeling fresh by swapping out your favourite records with the changing moods and seasons. The stand can hold up to an impressive 30 12” vinyl records, and the slots are adapted for various cover thicknesses so no matter what records you’ve got in your collection, this cracking piece of furniture won’t let you down.

The Vinyl Stand is handmade to the highest standard of attention to detail, as well as material selection and finish. The Vinyl Stand ships flat packed, and is very easily assembled. Each album gets its own slot and gives the albums, and in turn the covers, space to shine, and it gives you easy access to all your favourite tunes effortlessly whenever the mood strikes you. The Vinyl Stand from HRDL is ideally suited for those high circulation records that need to be proudly displayed as their own design pieces. ($255)

HRDL Single Vinyl Table – $1395

For those with a slightly smaller vinyl collection, the Single Vinyl Table from HRDL will be the ideal fit. It boasts a clean and contemporary shape which makes it both blend in with your interior design but also stand out in its own right. The right side storage compartment houses around a hundred records and inside the cabinet – behind that smooth sliding tambour door – you’ll find that there is room for an amplifier or receiver (or other bits and pieces you’ve accumulated around your vinyl collection for that matter). The top of the cabinet makes your record player the star of the show so if you’ve got a bit of keen you’re keen to show off, this definitely won’t let you down. ($1395)

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