Huckberry x Timex Diver Watch

We’re huge fans of the lifestyle brand, Huckberry, here at Coolector HQ and we’re always excited when they enter into collaborations with other awesome brands so, needless to say, we were pretty stoked when they announced the Huckberry x Timex Diver Watch. Fantastically robust and no-nonsense in nature, this watch is built for adventure and has a great understated aesthetic that will go with any outfit choice this autumn and winter.

The Huckberry x Timex Diver Watch is available for the bargain price of $118 and you’ll be getting an awfully accomplished timepiece for such an affordable price. This cracking accessory from Huckberry and Timex are exclusively available through the Huckberry site and are limited to just 700 pieces so you’ll definitely have to move quickly to make sure you get your hands on one of these cracking watches.

Dive, Dive, Dive

Boasting a vintage dive watch inspired design which uses a minimalist approach to the watch face, it’s hard not to love the look and feel of this simple but impactful timepiece from Huckberry and Timex. Made just for Huckberry, this Timex watch has been designed with years of adventure in mind – both on land and in the sea – and if you’re after a resilient watch for your wrist that doesn’t break the bank, this one really will be tough to beat.

You know the name, you know the quality, and you’ve almost certainly owned one at some point in your life – Timex watches are an American classic that only continue to impress year after year. That vintage, blue-collar, sportwatch design with a function over form attitude is what inspired this Huckberry collaboration. The hardy stainless steel case and 100 meters of water-resistance is testament to the old-school dive watch inspiration, while the radially-brushed dial and included leather strap are modern upgrades that add a touch of dapperness to proceedings.

True to form for Timex, this first class timepiece will go wherever you go, take the licking, and keep on ticking so you don’t have to worry about it regardless of the sort of adventure you find yourself on. It has adventure in its blood and the quality of the materials and craftsmanship are impressive when you consider the fact it can be on your wrist for less than $150 (if you’re one of the lucky 700 to get your hands on one).

Great Features, Excellent Price

It’s not often you can get a watch on your wrist for under $150, especially one as accomplished as the Huckberry x Timex Diver Watch and we’re loving the design and finish of this timepiece here at Coolector HQ. Some of the stand out features of this cracking accessory include a super brushed dial adds a nice touch of modern style, a NATO nylon strap for active adventure and a genuine leather strap for everything else and an easy to use, quartz movement that requires minimal attention but is always reliable.

With a distinctive Huckberry-branded tree as the 12 marker and on the case back, this limited edition watch is a stand out contender to be your next every day timepiece and with such a wonderfully affordable price, it really is a bit of a no-brainer. Timex are a watchmaker with considerable heritage and Huckberry always deal in the very best so this is definitely a watch we can get behind here at Coolector HQ.

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