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Hitting the open road is an undertaking that very much appeals to our sensibilities here at Coolector HQ but, truth be told, given our frugal nature, we’d be unwilling to stump up for hotels all along any trail we choose to travel and it is for that reason that we’ve been bowled over by a decidedly triumphant looking construct that goes by the name of the Hütte Hut.

The Hütte Hut is the work of a California based collective of designers and craftsman and looks to be the ideal travelling companion for those who want to jump in their car and travel some of the great routes of the world. Hitting the open road and pulling up alongside some stunning vista is definitely our idea of the ideal getaway at The Coolector and with a potential dwelling as awesome as the Hütte Hut this could very much turn into a much more luxurious endeavour than would previously have been the case.

What the Hütte Hut lacks in out and out size, it more than makes up for with design excellence and we dare say you’ll seldom see a more stylish and intricate looking camping solution than this. It boasts a not insignificant 44 square feet of usable space inside and this is essentially sufficient for a bed, your luggage and a few other travelling essentials that your sure to require. The space feels bigger than it sounds, however, due to the minimalist aesthetic that has been deployed and you can check a couple more shots of the Hütte Hut below:



As you can see, the Hütte Hut has got somewhat of a Scandinavian vibe to it with it’s wooden interiors and we can think of few better things that waking up in one and peering out of the multitude of windows at some stunning scenery you’ve encountered during a road trip extravaganza. Details are a little sparse at present regarding the Hütte Hut but it is set for a 2015 release and the price is to be announced.

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