HWG Pool Table

Of all the bar games that are out there, it is fair to say that pool is amongst our favourites here at Coolector HQ but it is also safe to say we’ve never found ourselves racking up on a table quite as well crafted, extraordinary and visually impressive as this HWG Pool Table from Try Consult.

Pool tables are generally pretty impressive constructs in their own right but every once in a while someone goes above the call of duty and delivers a design so striking and bold that its impossible not to be blown away and that’s exactly the situation we find ourselves in with this spectacularly crafted HWG Pool Table from the talented team at Try Consult.

Solid Foundations

A bespoke creation for the William Gray Hotel, this eye-catching HWG Pool Table was designed by Daniel Finkelstein and it’s likely one of the most luxurious and decadent pool tables you’re ever likely to encounter. The materials used in its construction are what really set it apart with the chief component being Calcutta marble that gives it that real luxurious edge and sets it apart considerably from an aesthetic point of view.

Phenomenally well crafted, the HWG Pool Table adds to the Calcutta marble with stainless steel and leather elements as well and you’ll be hard pressed to concentrate on your game when you’re confronting with a design quite as mesmerising as this. The HWG Pool Table was completely manufactured in Canada and this first rate pool table features a solid stainless steel welded structure finished in a matte black powder coat for the ultimate in visual impacts.

With eye-catching and supremely cool charcoal grey felt lining the table and luxurious leather pockets, the HWG Pool Table has become a real centre-piece for the William Gray Hotel in Montreal and for anyone with a love of pool, you’re going to wish this was residing in your games room.

Understated Style

Gloriously well made and expertly designed, the HWG Pool Table from Try Consult has left us more than a little impressed (not to mention deeply envious) here at Coolector HQ and the luxurious marble construct really does add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the hotel that commissioned its creation.

Pool is an infinitely entertaining game in our opinion and this enjoyment can only be increased when you’re playing on a table of this aesthetic magnitude. We doubt you’ll see a more visually impressive and effortlessly cool piece of design than this anywhere else in 2017.

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