ICON 4×4 Duesey Watch

When you think of luxury watches, you likely won’t cast your mind to brands more known for crafting high-end, customised cars but, truth be told, anyone who is that capable when it comes to creating such striking vehicles, are likely to be a dab hand at making timepieces too. And so it has proven with these awesome looking Duesey Watches from the guys at ICON 4×4 who, as the name suggests, are best known for their work creating bespoke 4×4 contraptions.

The ICON 4×4 Duesey Watch came to the fore as a result of the fact that ICON Founder and Lead Designer, Jonathan Ward, happens to be a huge fan of vintage watches. The contemporary timepiece industry has also been a major design inspiration for ICON due to the fact there are huge parallels between the quality of craftsmanship, innovative designs and engineering feats accomplished and this is something witnessed in this eye-catching Duesey Watch.

Built from the Ground Up

In keeping with the vehicles for which ICON 4×4 have become famous for, this excellent looking Duesey Watch is not some pre-existing timepiece merely with an ICON logo adorned to it – as is the case with a lot of watches of this nature. Rather, it is a painstakingly designed endeavour built from the ground up. It is the result of an untold number of illustrations, models, samples and hundreds of hours of consideration which all combined to create the spectacular watch you see before you.

Every visual component of the design with the ICON 4×4 Duesey Watch, from bezel to buckle, is entirely unique to this watch and is made specifically for this one timepiece alone – something which definitely deserves recognition in an industry becoming increasingly overrun with watches that are all the same.

The features and specifications of this Duesey Watch from ICON 4×4 are also thoroughly impressive to say the least and for luxury timepiece aficionados, enough to get you sitting up and taking notice. It has been 100% designed and modelled by Jonathan Ward, and Swiss manufactured for tangible quality, this effortlessly elegant timepiece is incredibly limited in nature and only 50 of them will be made so if you like what you see, you’ll need to move fast.

Material Matters

Striking aesthetically, the ICON 4×4 Duesey Watch boasts a unique combination of materials alongside a vintage Jump Hour display with wandering minutes for a truly impressive look and feel. The 42mm ICON Duesey design and rarity is definitely in keeping with Jonathan’s famous ICON custom vehicles which are so sought after the world over and we don’t see things being any different with this exemplary timepiece.

For those of you with a love of exclusive wares, this first class Duesey Watch from ICON 4×4 has definitely got all of the right stuff and the quality on offer here really is second to none. Stylish, timelessly sophisticated and uniquely designed and crafted, it’s easy to see why people are already clamouring to get their hands on one of these superb looking watches.

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