Wolverine Pack

Adventure ready gear is crucial to a successful venture out into the wild and, let’s face it, your backpack is the accessory that is likely to take the biggest battering when experiencing the great outdoors but that’s something you no longer need to worry about courtesy of this cracking Wolverine Pack which is funding on Kickstarter as we speak.

The Wolverine Pack has one up on most of its competitors because it is billed as the world’s first self-healing utility bag and it has all the hallmarks of an essential wilderness accessory. Crafted from Regenerative FuseFabric™, this eye-catching carry is just as suitable for adventures in the woods as it is for your commute to work or trips to the gym and you’ll be impressed with just how robust and functional it is.

One Man Wolf Pack

The Wolverine Pack is the handiwork of Slughaus who are better known for their work on another piece of essential adventure EDC, compact torches, but this eye-catching carry has definitely got us sitting up and taking notice here at Coolector HQ. Made to make freedom of movement as easy as possible, the exceptionally well designed Wolverine Pack is lightweight, minimalistic in design and phenomenally robust and durable so will withstand more or less whatever you can throw at it on a daily basis.

With some many excellent features adding functionality to its impressive robustness, the Wolverine Pack boasts a easy carry handle, quick release clip, expandable roll top, self-healing FuseFabric™, removable shoulder strap and a double layered bottom to name but a few and it will deliver the level of performance you’d expect from a brand who have already excelled themselves in the EDC market.

Adventure is in the blood for so many people and finding accessories that can keep up with you is a must. The Wolverine Pack is one such accessory and it is the FuseFabric technology that really helps differentiate it from its competitors as it’s a vast improvement over traditional Nylon Ripstop. It blends thicker, more-robust threads with lighter, lower-density fibres all joining together with a polyurethane coating which has the effect of reducing overall weight and delivering a more streamlined performance overall.

Welcome All Weathers 

The weather resistance of the Wolverine Pack is another essential feature particularly if you’re intending to use it for wilderness excursions this autumn and winter. It stands up well to all weather conditions and can even be submerged to 1 ATM. It is also well versed in dealing with accidental exposure to water such as splashes, perspiration or accidental immersion so you don’t need to worry too much about your belongings when heading out on a woodland hike.

Another first class Kickstarter campaign, the Wolverine Pack from Slughaus has already rocketed past their funding target and this is something which is testament to the innovation in design and desire amongst adventurers to get their hands on such an excellent looking accessory.

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