Icons by Van Orton Design

We’re big fans of digitally created artwork here at Coolector HQ and it increasingly seems to be the medium for creating some of our favourite pieces of the last year or two. It’s for this reason then that you won’t be surprised to hear we’ve fallen mighty hard for a collection of artwork from Van Orton Design called Icons which celebrates some of the most iconic characters from film and television.

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If you’ve got a love of some of popular cultures most memorable movies such as Stand By Me, Ghostbusters and The Goonies, there will be plenty for you to enjoy within this superb series of artwork from Van Orton Design and the highly stylistic and colourful creations will resonate with those who have a love for vibrant, eclectic artwork as well.

Iconic Design

Van Orton Design operate out of Turin, Italy, and have their own highly distinctive and recognisable aesthetic when it comes to their design projects and this is something which is again in evidence with their Icons series of illustrations. The pop art-esque look and feel of their pieces is extremely engaging and visually arresting and does a great job of making their designs positively leap off the page.

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Popular culture references are always welcomed by us here at Coolector HQ and there is nothing but in this first rate collection of illustrations from Van Orton Design. With some of our favourite movies like the aforementioned Ghostbusters and Stand By Me being joined by the likes of Terminator, Mad Max and Back to the Future, there really is something for everybody in this fantastic collection of artwork.

Characterful & Collectible

Whilst this type of artwork may not be to everyone’s tastes, it’s exactly the sort of striking, bold and vibrant designs that we typically favour here at Coolector HQ. Though these may not be commercially available to buy as prints (as far as we can tell), they are definitely the type of artwork we’d like to see hanging above our workspace and we dare say we’re not alone in this way of thinking.

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A great nod to the likes of Marty McFly, Spock et al, this exceptional collection of illustrations from Van Orton Design is indicative of the quality of their work and we’re definitely hoping that add more to this collection going forward.

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