Ienami House Planters


If your workspace is lacking in a little greenery and you want to liven it up a bit, you’ll likely want to take a look at these fantastic Ienami Planters from Metaphys, a Japanese design agency.

Based on the Japanese concept of bonkei, which entails crafting micro landscapes out of foliage, these fantastic Ienami planters will certainly brighten up even the most mundane of desks and will surely get the old creative juices flowing. Just make sure you feed the cows and horses and that, otherwise you’ll have a load of animal welfare campaigners, Greenpeace and that on your case. Want to feast your eyes on a few more images of these cracking planters, take a look below:


Check them out at Metaphys (word of warning, unless you’re fluent in Japanese, you’re about as likely as me to make any sense of it).

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