Bolin Webb Razors & Shaving Accessories

Considering how often us men typically shave, it’s surprising to see how little attention we often pay to the grooming products that we use but for those of you who care about the calibre of your razors and shaving accessories, there is a brand out there that will be right up your street and they go by the name of Bolin Webb.

Bolin Webb Razors and Shaving Accessories are, if you’ll excuse the remarkably poor pun, a cut above the competition and you’ll find yourself immediately impressed with both the aesthetic quality of their wares and the impeccable performance they deliver in terms of getting the perfect shave each and every time. Bolin Webb are the brainchild of Marina Bolin and Derrick Webb who wanted to bring the enjoyment of shaving back to men and set about devising a set of grooming products to do exactly that.

Quality Design, Expert Craftsmanship

It is the design of the razors from Bolin Webb that immediately stand out and grab you and you’ll discover a real tangible sense of quality to the touch which helps to set them apart from the competition. Aiming to produce innovative, versatile and stylish looking razors was the initial goal of this first class UK based brand and they’ve taken off from there to offer a whole host of shaving accessories and men’s grooming goods that we’re loving the look of here at Coolector HQ.

Bolin Webb Razors and Shaving Accessories are the sort of products that today’s well groomed man is certainly going to appreciate and for those of you with a love of fantastic ergonomics and unparalleled performance from your shaving goods, these are just the ones for you. Two of their stand out men’s razors can be seen below:

Bolin Webb X1 Collection Razors

Impressive from start to finish, the Bolin Webb X1 Razors are an award-winning accessory that boasts one of the most innovative designs we’ve seen with a shaving accessory. Highly intuitive handle ergonomics and Gillette’s Fusion blade join forces in these first class razors to provide the highest quality wet shave experience. Available in five select colours, ensuring you can find the perfect one for you, you’ll be immediately won over by the superior shaving performance on offer. Each razor is engineered and crafted in England and this quality really does shine through in the finished product and will ensure this is your go-to razor day in, day out.

Price: £75

Bolin Webb R1 Collection Razors


Luxury personified, these R1 Razors from Bolin Webb admirably illustrate that shaving performance and sophisticated design can combine naturally into one rewarding shaving experience. More vibrant in style than the X1 Razors, these ones are available in four eye-catching iterations which have the same balanced and tactile handle with its unique curve and distinctive shape and a dedication to continuing the traditions of wet-shaving. Again, their British design and craftsmanship provides a thoroughly impressive product that any man will love to shave with as it feels great in the hand and ensures that the quality of your shave is second to no other razor on the market.

Price: £55-75

As if these impeccable razors weren’t enough, Bolin Webb also boast a thoroughly impressive selection of grooming goods and accessories and you can see a few of our favourites here at Coolector HQ below:

Bolin Webb Washbag

Made in conjunction with London’s leading leather designer Bill Amberg, Bolin Webb have delivered a highly stylish and desirable wash bag which will appeal to any contemporary traveler on the hunt for a versatile carry for their grooming goods. A quality finish combines with high end materials to deliver the aesthetically superior product you see before you and it boasts a water-proofed leather upper and base, nylon sidewall weave and neoprene lining which provides a performance of resilience, durability and practical day-to-day use that puts it head and shoulders above the competition.

Price: £140

Bolin Webb Prestige Range

The Prestige Range from Bolin Webb takes things to a whole new level of luxury so far as your shaving is concerned and consists of a range of top end razors designed to bring first class functionality into the arena of men’s shaving. The range consists of three exceptional offerings – namely, X1 Carbon, the R1 Gold and the R1 Chrome – and each one is a first class commingling of top of exceptional materials and award-winning design. These Prestige Range Razors come replete with a Gillette blade for a high performance shave and they are made in England for that extra touch of quality that we can all appreciate.
Price: £200+
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