IKEA Wireless Charging Furniture

It’s an unavoidable fact that we’re obsessed with technology here at Coolector HQ and there are plenty of others out there equally as enamoured with their array of gadgetry who will have been just as delighted as us to see the announcement of IKEA’s Wireless Charging Furniture which not only looks fantastic but will be capable of charging smartphones, tablets and various other forms of technology when placed upon it.

IKEA are, of course, one of the biggest creators of furniture in the world and whilst some of their offerings are a bit hit and miss (the “miss” typically being missing parts) their superb looking Wireless Charging Furniture boasts a minimalist aesthetic with the sort of technological edge that homeowners are increasingly demanding. Our smartphones are seldom far from our grasp in today’s day and age and IKEA has realised this and through the release of these various forms of furniture have now made it much easier to keep them juiced.

From lamps to desks, the Wireless Charging Furniture from IKEA couldn’t be simpler to use – in order to charge your smartphone, you merely need to place it upon the plus sign that is clearly indicated upon the piece of furniture and it will instantly begin charging.

There was potential for this to be gimmicky but the pieces of furniture that IKEA have crafted for this project are genuinely first class and we’ll be hoping to get our hands on some when they’re released in mid-April. Take a look at a few more shots below:






If you’re in the market for some eye-catching and stylish pieces of furniture that offer a good deal more functionality than the norm then the Wireless Charging Furniture from IKEA will patently be right up your street. If you’ve got a home office, for example, and want to keep it as minimalist and clutter free from wires as possible then this type of furniture for the tech-inclined is perfect.

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