Illuminite Lamps

Hipsters, fix up and focus, this is one for you! Now we know that when you’re looking for trinkets for your new pad realistically you want to avoid the Argos catalogue or a trip to Ikea at all costs. So, to save you the people from the humiliation of having the same gear as your mates, we present Tel Aviv based Illuminite. OK, the name is a take on words as this is a lighting product, but overlook that minor impasse, and focus your beady little white ones on these…

The fellows behind Illuminite state that their designs are focused on the battle to create a more original approach to night-lights and ambient lights, and with a base made out of concrete they’re certainly well on their way to achieving that. Overall their designs vary from imaginative, to quirky, to a little strange (a fully identifiable Bauhaus lamp anyone?), but credit where it’s due for some startling craft.

A personal design favourite at The Coolector has to be the vintage framed picture frame lamp; we’d place it on a bedside table against some exposed brickwork, but these lamps are so adaptable they can go just about anywhere, although the shed would be a waste (man cave excluded). Take a peak at Illuminite’s other designs that are rather impressive to say the least:





A lodestar to the world of lighting, allow Illuminites minimalist take on simplicity to brighten up your world. Cheesy lines aside, we won’t say au-revoir to the much loved light bulb just yet, but at the cost of never using one of those eco-friendly bulbs again, we’ll have a crack at Illuminite any day of the week.

Available: Illuminite

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