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When it comes to apparel, we’re all for innovation here at Coolector HQ and that’s something that the guys at Tacoma based, Imperial Motion, are masters of and seldom has that been more apparent than with their awesome new range of clothing and accessories called Nano Cure Tech or NCT for short which will provide both style and performance in spades.

The new selection of Nano Cure Tech Apparel and Accessories from Imperial Motion is the sort of range that immediately has you sitting up and taking notice as it is clearly a cut above other forms of clothing on the market. This superb selection of jackets, bags and accessories from Imperial Motion boasts, quite frankly astounding, self-healing capabilities that mean should small punctures occur to the pieces, they can be restored by rubbing the material together.

Technological Apparel

The prospect of self-healing clothing and accessories is a mighty appealing one and that’s exactly what we’ve got on our hands with the brilliant Imperial Motion Nano Cure Tech Apparel and Accessories range. The NCT technology used in the crafting of the bags, jackets and other products in this range means that if the fabric suffers a puncture wound, you can rub two fingers back and forth over the area for around 10 seconds and when you remove your fingers, the hole will be sealed up again – pretty impressive stuff.

Forward thinking apparel like this magnificent range from Imperial Motion is certainly the way in which fashion is heading and the sheer functionality, versatility and robustness of the NCT Range from Imperial Motion has to be seen to be believed. The new range consists of three awesome looking jackets and a selection of backpacks and duffle bags that will provide you with the perfect carry for your summer adventures where bumps, scrapes and scratches are an inevitably.

The Welder jackets from the NCT Range from Imperial Motion are lightweight, and have waterproof nylon ripstop with resealing and repairing capabilities to ensure that they never let you down when you’re out in the wild. The reinforced fibres of the rip stop also deliver extra reinforcement and support when you experience holes and punctures, which also aids in the repair function.  The self-healing of the NCT range works really well on small punctures or lacerations but avoid testing this theory with knives and scissors!

Clever Carry

Having a bag that won’t let you down on any adventure is a must for us here at Coolector HQ and we’ve never seen a better candidate for the job than the backpacks and duffles in the Nano Cure Tech range from Imperial Motion. Incredibly lightweight and wonderfully affordable, the first rate bags in this range provide all the storage space you’ll require and the durability of much more expensive carries that don’t have the same self-healing capabilities.

We love discovering brands that dare to do things differently and that’s something that can definitely be applied to the Nano Cure Tech range of jackets and bags from Imperial Motion. If you’re the sort that regularly goes on adventures in the great outdoors and want apparel that can repair itself, this is the range for you. Two thumbs up from us here at Coolector HQ.

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