Ingrein Clock

We’re positively surrounded by technology in today’s day and age and yet, strangely, we’re still mightily forgetful here at Coolector HQ and in requirement of a bit of organisational awesomeness to help keep us in check. We might just have discovered the ideal solution in the form of this cracking bit of kit that goes by the name of the Ingrein Clock.

The Ingrein Clock is described as a luxury wood clock that interacts with your various smart devices and serves up information from your favourite apps in a visually engaging way. The design of the Ingrein Clock is the first thing that stands out and if you’re after a striking, innovative accessory for your home or workspace, the Ingrein Clock is going to fit the bill rather nicely indeed.

It boasts a hardwood face and LCD screen that reveals various pieces of useful information and data throughout the day and delivered to you through synching up with your smart devices around the home or office. It allows you to customise your notifications so that it only shows information that’s relevant and that you want to see and you can check out a few more shots below:






As lovers of technology and gadgets here at Coolector HQ, it is somewhat inevitable that the Ingrein Clock was going to appeal to our sensibilities but, let’s face it, what man wouldn’t want such a glorious looking construct in their workspace or hanging on their wall at home. The Ingrein Clock is storming Kickstarter currently and there’s still a few weeks to pick one up for yourself before the price goes up on commercial release.

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