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i pad air

Here at Coolector HQ we typically surround ourselves with technology that makes our lives easier and is, you know, awesome but we endeavour to steer clear of needless upgrades. The iPad has been around for a good number of years now and Apple know not to miss a trick when it comes to bringing up new iterations of the device but each, in the opinion of The Coolector, has seemed like change for changes sake. Until now, that is. And the delivery onto us of the impeccable looking iPad Air which truly seems to be a genuine improvement or previous incarnations of the immensely popular device.

The iPad Air has definitely be a catalyst for the impressed raise of an eyebrow or two around here and when you consider that Apple are facing ever increasing competition with some other excellent tablets on the market, it is little wonder that they have seen fit to raise their game with the Air. Weighing in at a minuscule 1 pound (in weight, not cost lamentably) and boasting a mightily impressive array of features including some high-power specifications under its light weight hood. The iPad Air offers improved specs that include a beefy 64-bit, A7 processor with an M7 coprocessor, which, as you might expect, will make your iPad Air run incredibly smoothly indeed.

In addition to the beating heart of the iPad receiving an upgrade, it incorporates plenty of other impressive features to boot including a 7.5mm unibody design and a 9.7 inch screen with 3.1 million pixels which, in short, means you’re going to get a devilishly clear picture on this cracking little device. Safe to say, we’re impressed. And we’re sure you will be too.


Price: £400+

Available: Apple.com.

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