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The iPad has always been a more portable, less powerful PC that you can easily use on the go and then the iPad Pro came along and the power was dialled up significantly and Apple’s most popular portable became a mighty impressive machine in its own right. The latest release of the iPad Pro is unquestionably their most eye-catching to date and will blow you away with the stunning specifications that it boasts.


Apple know what it takes to wow their consumers and they’ve delivered plenty of their magic dust with the iPad Pro 10.5 which, quite frankly, may have you rethinking whether you need a laptop or desktop computer at all. This phenomenal looking device boasts a thoroughly impressive performance capability that introduces the world’s most advanced display alongside breakthrough technical specifications.

Professional Performance

The quality is abundantly clear with the iPad Pro 10.5 which really does take things to a whole new level so far as performance is concerned. This excellent bit of tech will deliver a whole host of new features that make your iPad even more powerful than you would have thought possible. It offers ProMotion technology alongside the spectacular performance capabilities of the new A10X Fusion chip.

Apple’s new 10.5-inch model manages to cut back on the borders by nearly 40 percent to fit into an fantastically compact package that, somewhat miraculously, still manages to weigh in at just one pound. Just a select few of the most stand out features to get excited about with the iPad 10.5 is the all-new Files app, an impressive, customisable Dock, enhanced multitasking capabilities and enhanced integration of the Apple Pencil, which allows you to be even more time efficient and creative.

For those of you looking for an iPad overflowing with power, this first rate offering more than fits the bill and the redesigned Retina display has the much vaunted ProMotion, which is a brand a new technology that provides refresh rates of up to 120Hz for fluid scrolling, a much more pleasing level of responsiveness and smoother motion content – all in all, this is one sleek looking accessory that will seldom leave your side.

Rapid Response

Everything about the iPad Pro 10.5 will just immediately seem quicker and more responsive and that is courtesy of the high end kit acting as the device’s beating heart beneath the surface. Boasting a powerful new 64-bit A10X Fusion chip which is capable of achieving the sort of performance that is quick than the majority of PC laptops on the market, the iPad Pro 10.5 will make tackling complex tasks like editing photos and 4K video or rendering 3D images seem like child’s play.

For those of you in the market for a new tablet but one that is capable of rivalling most of today’s laptop computers, the iPad Pro 10.5 is going to be the obvious choice. Stylish, incredibly powerful and boasting an unparalleled performance, it’s little wonder that excitement is so high around Apple’s latest device.

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