Iron and Resin X New Legend 4X4 1972 International Scout II Runner Series

Iron and Resin claims to be the opposite of fast fashion. It focuses on a thoughtful approach to products and items in a world that’s all too happy to throw things away. When New Legend 4X4, purveyors of beautifully restored and customized off-road vehicles, hit them up to design an adventure SUV, Iron and Resin was pleased to oblige.

The two brands work well together and the Iron & Resin x New Legend 4×4 1972 International Scout II that has stemmed from their collaboration is a testament to what they’re both about: stylish, well-crafted and timeless products. If you find yourself in the hunt for a mesmerising new machine for your garage in 2018 (and have $62k burning a hole in your pocket) then look no further.

Perfect Imperfection

New Legend worked to preserve the essence of the original vehicle and let it be its vintage self while still bringing it into the modern age. The company used modern engine and technical equipment crafted to fit within the International Scout’s vintage body and frame. The team worked diligently to keep the vehicle’s original charm.

Iron and Resin’s job was to supply the design and materials to make the 1972 Scout II into a stylish and beautiful automobile. The interior features Iron and Resin’s waxed canvas on the seats and Horween leather panels throughout the interior. On the doors is a wool blanket liner material the company uses inside its jackets. The exterior is decidedly vintage with a two tone paint job and classic-looking white wheels.

New Legend 4×4 wanted to keep the vehicle’s original ethos but also make improvements. The team settled on a LS 5.3-liter V8 engine with a 4-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive for the powertrain. Other performance bits were updated as well, completing a full mechanical restoration. This was done to make the vehicle reliable and better preforming than its stock restored counterparts.

Modern Where It Counts

The interior’s materials are complimented by a modern, premium sound system with JL Audio amplifier, Focal speakers and a subwoofer. Additionally, the vehicle has a RakAttach swing arm moto mount for a motorcycle, which attaches to vehicle’s trailer hitch and a Front Runner Outfitter’s roof rack. The roof rack is made of lightweight aluminum. It’s for the adventurer who plans to take their vehicle out into the wilderness and camp whenever and wherever they want.

Collaborations like this don’t happen every day, and few result in such a stunning end product as Iron and Resin and New Legend 4×4’s 1972 International Scout II Runner Series. The vehicle embodies what both brands are all about, and the commitment to their craft is commendable and refreshing. Its projects like this that make us remember that not everyone is comfortable living in a disposable world where items are discarded instead of reused or improved.

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