Iron & Resin x New Legend 4×4 Capsule

It is clear that the values of both Iron & Resin and New Legend 4×4 (two of our favourite brands here at The Coolector) are neatly aligned so it stands to reason that they would join forces on an awesome series of wares. The Iron & Resin x New Legend 4×4 Capsule is all about adventure and hitting the road and if that’s the sort of lifestyle you look to lead, this is the capsule for you.

Check out the best bits from the Iron & Resin x New Legend 4×4 Collection below:

INR x NL Adventure Begins Tee ($36)

Life on the road isn’t alway straightforward. Between flat tires, getting lost, and who knows what else that might get thrown your way on a trip. So make sure comfort isn’t something you’re fretting about? Grab this ace looking Iron & Resin x New Legend 4×4 Adventure Begins Tee ($36) and ditch that scratchy, thrashed T-shirt you’ve been porting about and you can at least check comfort off that list of concerns for your next road trip. ($36)

INR x NL Shop Apron ($125)

Whether it’s tinkering in your workshop or cooking a barbecue, a quality apron is an essential accessory in our opinion. They just don’t come any classier than this INR x NL Shop Apron ($125) which is crafted from 1.2-1.3mm buffalo hide because they didn’t want any questions around the robustness of this piece.

It’s one of the toughest hides out there, so it’s ideally suited for delivering protection where required and will give you a lifetime of perfect performance. This one hugs the body without that stiff-ass feel that many other aprons suffer from and sits mid-thigh length once the shoulder straps are adjusted to preferred fit. ($125)

INR x NL Mechanic Jacket ($190)

A lightweight jacket will put top of most men’s must have list for summer and this INR x NL Mechanic Jacket ($190) would be our pick here at The Coolector HQ. Made from the same 14.75oz waxed cotton canvas as Iron & Resin’s Shelter Series that they launched in Fall ’20, this was one of their most loved outerwear materials this past season (and still is) and they’re understandably thrilled to be able to use it again here. 

Designed 1:1 with equal parts style and performance – this ace looking jacket is ready to work under the hood or out on the road with a lifetime of wear. ($190)

INR x NL Tool Roll ($100)

The perfect complement to the apron, this INR x NL Tool Roll ($100) will add a touch of class to your DIY endeavours. Just like Iron & Resin’s highly rated Tool Roll that they’ve been crafting for 5+ years, this brand new Iron & Resin x New Legend 4×4 Tool Roll is great for those go-to tools, camp cooking utensils, chef knives, you name it. 

Undoubtedly something you can’t leave home without – just keep it tucked away in your trunk. Made from the perfect combo of no-nonsense materials – 1.2-1.3mm buffalo hide on the outside and 10oz waxed cotton canvas on the inside – this is the perfect on-the-road addition for any road trip adventure. ($100)

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