iSkelter Canvas Smart Desk

Working efficiently is only possible if you’ve got a workspace that facilitates it and there are some brands out there that will be your biggest allies in accomplishing this and, chief amongst them is iSkelter, and their latest offering, the Canvas Smart Desk.

Crafted for use with the recently released, and somewhat gargantuan, iPad Pro, the Canvas Smart Desk from iSkelter provides an intuitive workspace that really is geared towards working effectively with one of Apple’s latest devices. This cracking piece of design offers plenty of features which feed into its functionality and these include a smart surface, stylus dock and secure display stand which really make it a striking a versatile piece of kit.

Made from premium, natural bamboo and designed and hand-built in Phoenix, Arizona, the iSkelter Canvas Smart Desk is the ideal solution for those creative types that like to work on the go and need a mobile workspace that matches their requirements. Check out a few more shots below:








Clever design coupled with excellent craftsmanship and materials really does set the iSkelter Canvas Smart Desk apart from the crowd and if you own an iPad Pro and have been battling with its dimensions on the workspace front, this will be somewhat of a godsend. Don’t be surprised if your efficiency goes through the roof when you get your hands on one of these ace looking desks from iSkelter.

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