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We’re not going to lie, Land Rover Defenders are amongst our favourite vehicles here at The Coolector and we’re always on the lookout for awesomeness pertaining to these four-wheeled beasts. Well, this has led us squarely to the door of Island Defender and their brilliant line up of Land Rover inspired prints which will make for the perfect gift for any Landy loving individual out there.

Island Defender is the brainchild of Markus Hammarberg who is a Land Rover enthusiast, with an ever growing collection of these majestic steeds. This collection includes a 1972 ex-military Series III, to a built-from-the-ground-up restomod 110 with a 320hp V8 engine. These serve as the muse for the Island Defender Prints and whilst there are only three to choose from currently, we’re hoping more will be added to the line up sooner rather than later.

Visually Vibrant Designs

Land Rover Defenders are naturally attractive in their design and lend themselves perfectly to automotive inspired artwork like these excellent prints from Island Defender. The brand concept came from Hammarberg’s ambition to visualise what his Rover restoration projects would look like. He started doing simple mock-ups, which quickly evolved into full-blown, ultra-detailed concept art, then in turn, he naturally shared these on social media and the rest, as they say, is history.

These limited edition Island Defender Prints are priced at $120 and measure 27″ x 40″ which is a pretty large print and will definitely make a visual statement in whichever room you choose to hang it. There are currently three different prints to choose from – the Le Mans, Rogue and CONVOY prints – and each one has its own unique aesthetic with the Rogue particularly likely to appeal to any anglophiles out there.

Only 100 of each print will be made available so you’ll definitely need to move fast if you want one of these awesome looking designs hanging above your workspace in 2020. Each one of these classing looking designs is printed with a fine art printer in Sweden on Hahnemule studio enhanced matte paper which has a tangible sense of quality to the touch and will look great in a frame for many years to come.

Impactful Artwork

We love artwork which really catches the eye here at The Coolector and these Island Defender Prints from Markus Hammarberg certainly do that. If you’re an aficionado of all things Land Rover related, you’ll definitely fall for the eye-catching nature of these prints and though there are only three to choose from right now, we’re sure they will be some more to be had later in 2020.

Land Rover Defenders are always going to be one of our favourite cars here at The Coolector so we’ll definitely be looking to add one of these ace looking prints to our own workspace. Priced at $120 and made with the best inks and paper, these will undoubtedly add a real visual impact to any wall space that’s crying out for some awesome artwork. Two thumbs up from us at Coolector HQ.

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