ITR Studio The One Modular Backpack

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Versatility and performance is something that any contemporary man today will demand of their backpack and no longer is it merely a simple storage solution for folders and bits and pieces, it’s now got to be so much more and offer a much more functional and effective means of porting about your day to day essentials. With that in mind, it will be tough to top this new Kickstarter campaign by the name of the ITR Studio The One Modular Backpack which is all about performance and providing every conceivable form of storage you could possibly require.

The ITR Studio The One Modular Backpack can uniquely adapt for every aspect of your life by changing its compartments to the sort of things that you’re carrying on any given occasion. This level of versatility helps to set the carry apart from the competition and it’s certainly not difficult to see why it’s proving so popular over on Kickstarter right now. Traditionally speaking, we would carry a different bag for a different occasion but with The One Modular Backpack, you’ve got a carry that can adapt to any situation.

Needs Met And Exceeded

Whether it’s heading to the gym, out into the wild to take photos or heading to work, the ITR Studio The One Modular Backpack has got you covered with its different components which can be added or taken off depending on the sort of equipment or clothing you’re carrying. By attaching all the modular components close to your back, it helps to distribute weight more evenly which will be good for your back and your posture.

Boasting a complete overhaul of the strap structure, the ITR Studio The One Modular Backpack has reinforced straps that are riveted to the backpack itself to help ensure that you never experience the annoyance of a snapped strap again. This first class carry lets you choose the components you want to include within your Kickstarter package so if you’re a photographer, you’ll want to choose the elements offering the perfect storage solution for cameras, laptops and cables. If you’re a city professional, the Urban Commuter collection is more suited to your needs with its suit carry case, pouch module for EDC and sling module for other essentials.

The One Modular Backpack from ITR Studio achieves its excellent modular performance as it is powered by Fidlock, which is the easy-to-use instant secure magnetic hardware. It delivers a slick modularity through the magnetic system which will rapidly and securely attach your chosen modules to the pack. This is a great feature as it lets you snap on any particularly module you like to the pack whether this be one for your gym kit, a suit for work or your photography kit.

Fantastic Features for a Quality Performance

Made from first class materials to ensure its robustness and durability, The One Modular Backpack from ITR Studio is chock full of eye-catching features that help reinforce this stellar performance. This includes great touches like a removable magnetic keychain, a YKK aquaguard zipper, quick access pocket on the front, leather handles and accents and a double layer waterproof fabric exterior that will help keep your possessions safe and dry whatever the weather.

We’ve seen some great looking backpacks and carries on Kickstarter in our time here at Coolector HQ but the ITR Studio The One Modular Backpack is right up there with the best of them courtesy of its unparalleled versatility and performance. This understated by highly impressive pack can be tailored exactly to your storage requirements and that is something that is sure to appeal to today’s on the go man.

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