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In our opinion here at The Coolector you can never have too many pairs of sneakers and that’s why we’re always on the hunt for new footwear brands to spend our loot on. Well, we’ve found a fantastic one in the shape of JAK and their stellar line up of wares that are overflowing with style and comfort. If you like your sneakers to have a touch of class about them, JAK are a brand that need to be well and truly on your radar.

JAK were founded back in 2014 by Isabel and José Maria and is a bootstrapped, independent brand, that operate out of Lisbon, Portugal. The quality of their footwear really does speak for itself and has the sort of refinement and versatility to go with any outfit choices you make in 2020. All of their first rate footwear is crafted in Portugal and sold directly to consumers, which is important because it lets them deliver exceptional quality for an unbeatable price.

Check out some of our favourite sneakers from JAK below:

JAK Royal Lite Desert Sneakers – £127

Classy and comfortable in equal measure, we’re definitely digging these Royal Lite Desert Sneakers from JAK (£127) here at The Coolector. They’re great to look at and extremely versatile in nature which makes them ideal for all manner of outfit choices. It is the first special edition of JAK’s best-selling style. It boasts a slimmer sole which keeps it as light as possible and a little touch of colour immediately catches the eye. (£127)

JAK Nova Grey Sneakers – £136

Understated and effortlessly cool, it’s not hard to see why these JAK Nova Grey Sneakers (£136) are one of the brand’s most popular. Nova is the name given to a newly born star and it certainly seems appropriate to footwear as mesmerising as this. They boast an iconic silhouette where timeless design meets a contemporaneous combination of shape and materials to deliver footwear that looks great and feels even better. This sort of discrete, versatile footwear is right up our street here at Coolector HQ and we’ll certainly be looking to add a pair to our own sneaker rotation in 2020. (£136)

JAK Royal Dark Blue Sneakers – £127

Quality is the name of the game with these stealthy and devilishly dapper JAK Royal Dark Blue Sneakers (£127). Designed and hand crafted in Portugal, the Royal is the very first model that JAK actually developed and is certainly amongst their most popular. It represents their best interpretation of a luxe, understated sneaker that soars from both a style and performance perspective. It is the sort of footwear that you can easily fit into any outfit and it is combined with the best high-end materials that JAK could source. (£127)

JAK Atom All White Sneakers – £131

White sneakers are an essential part of any modern man’s footwear line up and they don’t come much cooler than these brilliant Atom All White Sneakers from JAK (£131). After many iterations and fitting tests JAK came up with one of our most iconic styles and you’ll love the fit. The Atom boasts a one piece, tongueless leather upper, and turns many aplenty due to its original design and simplicity. (£131)

JAK Royal Hazel Sneakers – £126

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd a little more with your footwear choices, the Royal Hazel Sneakers from JAK (£126) might just be the pair for you. The Royal range from JAK is the very first model they developed so it, understandably, has a special place close to their heart. It represents their best interpretation of a luxe, minimalistic sneaker and will deliver style and substance to your wardrobe in 2020. It is a sneaker that you can dress up or down, combined with the best high-end materials JAK could source. Each pair is designed and handcrafted with care in Portugal with a tangible sense of quality to the touch. (£126)

JAK Royal Hi-Top Sneakers – £135

Not going to lie, we love a pair of high top sneakers here at The Coolector and, quite frankly, they don’t come much better than these awesome Royal Hi-Top Sneakers from JAK (£135). They have been bought back by popular demand, which just goes to show how popular a release this was for JAK and with good reason. The Royal Hi-Top Sneakers is the natural evolution of the Royal, the brand’s bestseller. It is an alternative footwear choice for the cooler days, that doesn’t compromise on comfort or quality. These great looking sneakers are once again designed and handcrafted with care in Portugal and boast extra slim innersoles for a loose, comfortable fit. (£135)

JAK Mercury White Sneakers – £140

The fact that they are minimal but still incredibly unique in their own way is the reason why these ace looking JAK Mercury White Sneakers (£140) are part of our selection. Their lean looks make it possible to be used in most outfits while its layers still give it the personality you rarely see in this type of sneakers. That’s probably why this is one of JAK’s best-sellers as well. (£140)

We love footwear brands like JAK here at Coolector HQ as they go above and beyond the call of duty to make their wares as good as they can be and put the emphasis on quality over quantity. They source their materials locally and responsibly, and follow a strict ethical code, which makes sure their products’ raw materials have less environmental impact, and that the people that work with them are fairly and ethically treated.

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